For Ms. Kitty, we went full on Roar, jungle Amazon babe.  She would be the WW of this team, backstory of mythology, war cry, seemingly primitive weaponry that actually kicks ass.  The “look” is pretty much a duplicate of the music video, though I added a coconut bikini because Katy loves putting things on her bubbies.

    If Kitty is WW, then 'Punxel is the Aquaman of this crew.  Sea witch, Jupiter Queen in your face.  AZB loves her short shorts and neon stage gear so I played all that up.  She almost looks like a raver superhero on stage already, so it was easy to take her all the way to fantastical.

    Mother Monster here has so much imagery to choose from I had a really hard time trying to pick which era of Gaga to cull from.  The disco stick and disco mirror themes from the days of yore were instant musts.  I love the idea of the mirrors radiating across her body like scales and her turning into a walking form of disco reflection, a la Emma Frost.  I added her shoulder horns and facial distinction from the Born This Way era, and gave her her Birth of Venus mermaid hair that she really should have played up more as of late.

    Ms. Scarlet, aka Lana is old school Hollywood glam that she does so well.  I wanted Dick Tracy meets Posh Spice (cause she’s totally the Posh Spice of whatever team she’s on).  Her tommy gun is intentionally large and of course she would be the one on the team sporting heels.  

    Did I mention these will be mini-print postcards at HeroesCon?  Cause they will be.

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