1. And more explanations for ya ;)

    PhoenixPretty straight forward interpretation of the character/costume, though you’ll note I forgot to add the gold sash around her waist - oops.  I don’t think it feels like something’s missing, but something is missing for sure ;P.  The goal for this piece was to play up the different textures of a costume and I really wanted to go for that shiny gold, shiny being a look I don’t usually try to attain in my watercolors.  I’m really happy with the way the gold reads on her chest phoenix.  Subtle, but accurate.  And I’m really happy with her face and her hair.  We needed something firey and gestural in the piece.

    SunspotWhat is there to say about this piece, really?  Commissioner wanted him nude and in his classic yellow boots.  Not hard to oblige that, now is it?  He really wanted me to push for an Afro-Brazilian look for Roberto, and I thought I had a handle on what he meant and did some research and went to the finish confident.  And then when he was all done I realized, shoot, you did not meet that goal.  But, all things considered, though he has ended up looking much more Euro-Brazilian, I hope there’s enough there that he at least reads Brazilian.  I’m happy with how he turned out in the end; he has great hair, distinctive features, great boots, and a great…piece.

    PsylockeI had to push in a direction that Psylocke hasn’t gone before, and for some reason armor came to mind.  She’s very rarely adorned with anything other than a skintight suit, so I thought, why not play with weight and proportion for this uniform and armor her up a bit.  I liked the idea of her looking more battle ready, and the butterfly shapes are not accidental.  The original’s colors are a bit different from this image because I had my client send me a scan since I had forgotten to, so this reads ever so slightly less purple than it should.  She came out a little more Tron-like than I intended, but that’s ok.  I think she looks pretty badass.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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