1. Time for some show AND tell.  This post went up earlier today and I wasn’t ready, so apologies if you reblogged this image with an odd description.  Sometimes, I like to talk out my thought process for each piece in neat little condensed posts like this one.  So away we go!

    For Scarlet, here, I wanted to draw on more of her Romani upbringing.  I looked at a lot of Romani garments and women to draw inspiration from.  Had to keep her decked out in reds, otherwise she wouldn’t be the Scarlet Witch anymore.  I knew I wanted to play around with her headpiece, as I feel it’s a bit dated.  Every other female character introduced in the olden timey days of Marvel comics had a palette swap of that headpiece, so I thought we should dress it up a bit.  Hard for me to escape my fashion inclinations ;).  And yes, her legs are a bit short.  Sowweeboutit.

    Sue and Reed there are fashionized.  I wanted their colors to be inspired by the uniforms of the F4 without being obvious about it.  Sue’s coat was meant to recall The Thing’s color scheme, though I don’t know how successful it is.  The houndstooth was a bitch, but I’m happy to get that detail in.  Reed can be one of the least sexy male characters in the Marvel U, in my opinion, so, honestly, a big goal was to make him handsome yet unique.

    I know next to nothing about Medusa except that she got that long weave out the limo.  Seriously, hair game on point.  I felt like I had the opportunity to get really creative with her, and for some reason the idea of a white snake stuck in my mind.  They are beautiful and simple and striking, and I thought it would be a great visual to tie in with her.  The headpiece covering her eyes is an homage to her old half face mask and obviously conjures up imagery of the mythological Medusa.  Looking at all her various costumes she either looked a little dopey, or hyper-sexualized, so I wanted to make her look “cool” in a way she’s never looked before.  

    Thoughts?  Comments?  Concerns?  I’m here for you, kiddies.

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    love these interpretations, especially the scaly texture on medusa and the design of scarlet’s headpiece
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