1. Ok, this is an OLD, old piece I did for Wired about 3 years ago or so.  I’m not sure why I wanted to share it but I so rarely get to post something that shows the process from A to Zed, so here we go.  The article was about celebrity endorsements becoming a trend and how the endorsement had evolved into being a full on position of influence and direction.  One of the main examples in the article, other than Dre and Beiber, was Lady Gaga’s partnering with Polaroid.  Clearly, this was some time ago.

    The first image is the completed piece in it’s finalized state.  The second image is the sketchwork I sent to the Art Director with three ideas.  We ultimately went with the half/half figure of a CEO type character and a celebrity being smashed together.  We decided Gaga would be a great visual for the final piece.  The third image is the original illustration, and I had misinterpreted the AD’s words and thought having half the figure be a stereotypical CEO (white, middle-aged, male) with Gaga was the intended concept.  It wasn’t, and it didn’t read.  So the AD asked me to revise the image and have the full figure be Gaga - half of her attired in CEO garb, the other half in typical zany Gaga stagewear.  The final image is the image as seen with the article in the magazine.  I was so happy to be a part of Wired again.

    Sorry this is so old, just felt like bringing it out of the attic.

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