1. These are the original colors of the piece.  I shifted them slightly for the web version to attain a more cohesive look.  But if you’re interested in purchasing this original, take a gander on over to my store.

    For this piece I wanted to shift the fashion toward a more practical and wearable design.  My fashion pieces of old were very fantastical and whimsical and couture-ish and while that is all fun and great, for some reason, I wanted to keep things grounded a bit more.  Some might argue DC characters would lend themselves to a more serious interpretation (me being one of them) and I do admit I know less about DC than Marvel.  I picked these three because they inspired me.  I saw in my head what I wanted to create for them.  I’m much more into women in pants these days, especially over gowns, which is probably why the designs ended up more practical.  It makes it harder to tell who these characters are without knowing ahead of time, but I’m ok with that.  My favorite parts are Vixen’s face (so happy that came out well), Diana’s shoulder treatments - which are a nod to the bustline on her costume, and Zatanna’s cheeky little deck of cards clutch (and her rabbit-ear-lookin’ pocket square).  Let me know what you guys think.  Enjoy!

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