1. Guess what guys?  THE STORE HAS BEEN UPDATED.  

    And the library…is OPEN.  That too.  Anyway.  I put up all the original and FRAMED pieces from the group show at DSF Clothing (aka, D-Structure).  Two have already sold and one of those two is already available as a print.  I realize if you’re not from San Francisco, these pieces may not speak to you, but spread the word like a virus.  These pieces are 12x12” and framed in a white 16x16” frame.  Personally, I think it’s a nice look - so if it speaks to you, snatch up a Wada original.  As soon as the originals sell they’ll be available as a print.  In two sizes! 12x12” and 9x9”.  Really hope you guys liked this series.  Spread the word!


    EDIT:  Also, I get asked this question a lot so I’ll let you guys know - had to take down all Marvel artwork from my store after I did the variant cover for them.  Small price to pay I’d say, and perhaps a blessing in disguise as it will force me to fill my store with other fandoms.  Suggestions?

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