1. An American Fairytale

    Finally including more process shots for you guys!  This was a piece I did for a silent auction for the Asian Law Caucus 2013 banquet.  I wanted a piece that was fun and weird and playful, undertones of current issues in America - immigration and gay marriage.  I’m not a very political person so the imagery is simple and perhaps shallow.  But as with most work, it’s all open to interpretation, and I wanted whoever ended up purchasing it to make their own story up about the piece.  Hopefully the process shots give you more of an idea on how I sometimes work - lots of washes and layering watercolor on watercolor to achieve what I want.  This piece is very flattened, not a lot of depth, everything’s kind of competing.  If you’ve been following me for awhile you probably recognize the flower head men from my Alice in Wonderland piece.

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