1. More anonymous questions answered…

    Dearest Kevin, Looking at your work I notice you have a beautiful choice in the color in inking your characters. My question is, when it comes to inking skin areas are you using a brown micron pigma pen? and typically what size pen?

    I use a sepia toned Micron Pigma pen, usually in 01 or 005 depending on how large I’m working.

    Hey Kevin, You got some great work on here! Just wanted to say I really enjoy it. What’s your process like? It looks like watercolor to me but I figure you do some digital work as well… Anyway, it’d be cool to see a post with your process, I always find it surprising to read through those. Artist always seem to have their own quirky processes, and it’s nice to see all the work that goes into something. Keep up the awesome work, it truly is a treat to the eyes. ~Fabian

    I work traditionally, mainly watercolors, though I’m thinking of starting to incorporate more acrylic or something.  I do digitally composite some pieces and do some color correction.  I’m experimenting with doing more digital on top of my watercolor so stay tuned and see what happens.  I’ll hopefully be able to do a process post some time soon, so look out for that as well!

    How do you make your money? Through commissions alone?

    Right now it’s mainly through commissions yes.  And that don’t mean I’m living large, my friend.  It’s a humble life.

    In the lovely sailor scouts illustration, how intentional was Moon’s visual reference to she-ra?

    It was actually completely unintentional, but looking at the similarities now, perhaps it was a subconscious creation.  I was going for a more Roman/Greek warrior kinda thing, more akin to Xena I think.

    Who are your artistic influences outside of comic artists?

    It’s funny because I’ve always enjoyed these artists but never consciously tried to derive from them and everyone sees them in my work.  Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt have been major influences on my work without me even putting in the effort.  That’s how sneaky those two are… Sneaky…

    If we ordered a print from your shop, when can we expect it to be shipped/arrive? Will we get “sent” email notice from paypal with a shipping number? Thank you

    Prints go out by the end of the week, though the holidays have required that I ask you all for some patience.  I don’t give tracking numbers always because, let’s be real, I’m only human.  When I get a lot of shipments I usually don’t have the time to send you notifications, sorry to say.  They’re shipped priority if it’s domestic shipping so you usually get it a few days after I send it.

    You have to draw Misty Knight sometime soon

    I MUST!  She’s too cool not to.

    Sorry to bother you Kevin, I am a student who is rookie in the illustration field. I just curious that 1. What tool do you use for drafting 2. I do my works with pencil first but cannot get rid of those carbon dust and scratches on the paper when I do scanning, could you give me some suggestion?. 3. what software do you use to create your digital works, it seems very “analog” ( I mean it’s like done by hand, but very clean) Thanks a lot, wish you merry christmas and happy new year.

    I just use regular mechanical pencils for all my sketching and I try to work lightly cause it’s on watercolor paper.  I don’t really know what suggestions to give you other than press lightly for your beginning lines with pencil.  If you can see scratches or carbon dust try a different type of pencil or paper as well.  I work with watercolor, not digitally, though some digital retouching is done after the fact.

    What do you use for the line art on your works?

    Micron Pigma Pens.  Sepia and black and brown mostly.

    I assume you use masking fluid. Doesn’t that stuff smell like rotting fish…

    Oh my, yes it does.  What is up with that?  Not that I’m complaining because it does its job well.

    Hey Kevin when are you going to do x fashion pieces ft Northstar, Dazzler, Sunspot , Husk and or Sage

    Some of those were done by my good friend Max Wittert and you should definitely give his work a look because he is phenomenal.  www.maxwittert.tumblr.com.  But I may do a few of those, we’ll see.  I haven’t the inspiration to do more X-fashions and I don’t want to do more until I have the vision.

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