1. After a lot of time and struggle to get this piece out there and finished, here it finally is!  The client wanted a fashion inspired take on Spidey’s three leading ladies, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Felicia Hardy - something akin to a Vogue cover, he mentioned.  I was absolutely excited at the prospect of juxtaposing all three of these women together in a piece.  I have done a MJ/Gwen piece in the past and needed to do a new take on their looks and styles.  I really wanted each woman to feel different, and while I’m happy with their fashion choices I do wish their faces came out a bit more distinct.  I really tried - even going so far as to base them on different actresses.  But let’s be honest, most Hollywood starlets fall into a very narrow standard of beauty.  So a bad translation of faces mixed with a fairly slim view of Hollywood beauty leads to so-so character distinction.

    After I finished it I knew I had to create a mock Vogue cover to complete the feel of the piece.  I am not a graphic designer by any means to don’t knock the type treatments too harshly.  I’ve no clue what I’m doing.  Hopefully it’s all really coy and cute and playful.  Enjoy, Tumblrites.  I realize Tumblr is not made for comments but I do enjoy catching them when I can so comment or reply away!  Love the feedback.

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