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    san francisco illustrator kevin wada at APE 2012 | sunday afternoon, october 14, 2012. kevin combines superheroes with high fashion to create a beautiful myth of imagery. photo by chris anthony diaz and colored by graham willcox

    see kevin’s awesome work here:


    Chris Diaz did a nice short writeup about me on his tumblr.  He also bought 5 of my APE commissions, and was incredibly lovely to meet.  Go check out his blog and see his features on other artists, shows, APE vendors, and a ton more.  It’s a really great blog.

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    ] Mestre, inspiração de inúmeros desenhos meus ! ♥
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    This man oozes talent, which is why I’ve decided to honor my blog with the presence of his image.
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    isn’t he beautiful?! lol aww miss u kev
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