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    Have you ever drawn/painted characters from the show Supernatural?

    Never have, and it appears to have a very large and dedicated Tumblr following as it comes up in my feed quite often.  I may just have to do one and appeal to the Tumblr masses…:)

    It would be so wonderful if you posted more sketchbook work! I am really inspired by your stuff Cheers x

    I think I probably will post more sketchbook work, rougher work, and there hasn’t been a dudele in awhile.  I enjoy those most when they’re quick and dirty.

    Hello! I love your work :) I have a tiny question for you, what tools you use for lineart? and how you make it still look light even if you painted with watercolor over it? (for example when you lineart in brown) Thanks!

    I use Pigma Micron pens for all my linework.  They are archival and waterproof so I can paint over them and not worry about any running.  I use sepia, brown and black mostly, but sometimes I use red or orange or blue if I want something to be outlined differently and stand out or fade back.  I mostly us 01 or 005 but sometimes I’ll use something thicker.

    Why can’t I purchase the Duets: Thor and Storm print. It’s in your store but I can’t put it in my cart. Don’t taunt me like this :(

    Yea I’m working on that.  I’m not sure what the problem is but I will figure it out ASAP!

    what other of your art works are you planning to sell as prints?

    The Sailor Moon and Pokemon pieces will be going up soon.  Other than that just keep checking in for originals and more Duets!

    You use watercolours, right? How on earth do you get such clean edges? Do you just use masking fluid for everything? Because that seems like a lot.

    I don’t use masking fluid very often, usually only if I need bright lines or shapes that would be too hard to work around with a brush.  I honestly just use watercolors very basically.  I’m not a big renderer (if you haven’t noticed) so I’m not doing lots of shading and shaping with it, which probably is what helps me keep things so tidy.  I consider myself a drawer and draftsmen first and foremost and the watercolor is really just to add color and texture and to let my line and shapes really shine.

    Hellooo I was just wondering if you have a devianart account?

    I do have a deviantart account :)  www.kevinwada.deviantart.com


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