1. I am SO happy to finally get to debut this piece.  I made it for APE 2012 and wanted it to be a show exclusive.  But now, the show’s over so here it is.  If you can’t tell who or what this is of, give it a second.  Think.  Percolate.  Ruminate.  It’s SAILOR MOON!!!  Well, it’s the Sailor Scouts, but I named it for the tv show.  I won’t deny that I watched this show (hardcore) during my childhood, and drew these girls nonstop.  All my little girlfriends in the third grade and I would discuss episodes and draw little anime people.  Cute, right?

    I wanted to grunge up the girls a bit.  The show is very saccharine and sweet and playful - which is fantastic, but as with anything I do, I have to add something else.  Reinterpret things, make it mine.  Not that reinterpreting this series is new, it’s been done to death.  I always had a soft spot for Mars and Jupiter: one being super bitchy and hot headed, and the other being really athletic and hardcore.  Both of them were far from boring, and you can see why I featured them so prominently (Mars may be my favorite in this piece).  I only watched the series before the additions of other scouts, so I’m not as familiar with them.  Either way I hope you enjoy the piece.  It was a big hit at the con.  It will be going up on my store in two sizes within the week :).

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