1. So I’ve been thinking of deleting my blogger and just using tumblr as my main art blog.  What do you guys think?  Sound good?  Eventually, all my kevinwada subsidiaries - my blog, store, etc - will all be on my website and I personally can’t wait for that.  Though I will miss tumblr…

    Anyway!  Here is another recent commission of mine, focused on, what else, but the House of M MEGA storyline.  That mythology is epic, and I’ll be honest, I have never even read it, but not even I can escape it’s reach.  The client wanted Scarlet Witch to be weeping before the tombs of Wonderman and Quicksilver, clutching two balls of energy to her chest in quiet despair.  Just beyond her would be her kin, reaching out futilely, separated by space and consciousness.  Inhabiting the only other panel on the page would be Dr. Strange, walking away, defeated.  It was a daunting commission, and this was take 2 in my attempts.  I’m happy with how it came out and I’m glad I got to stretch my hands a little more with this one.  Surroundings!   Backgrounds!  Atmosphere!  Narratives!  I can’t say I feel it’s 100% successful but it was made with love. 


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