1. Kitty Pryde Series Part 2

    Full description on my blog!

    However, I wanted to talk to you tumbleheads here as well.  If you follow that link to my blog you’ll find out that I got into APE!!!  The Alternative Press Expo is held by Comic Con International and I am so excited to have made it through the wait list.  I intend on selling X-fashion postcards, prints and originals of new pieces and perhaps more!  Two quick questions for my tumbleheads though:

    1.  If I set up a commission request system, would any of you SF natives be into it?  It would have a fixed price and fixed size/guidelines.  You can email me up to 1 week before the event and come pick them up at APE?  Any takers?

    2.  What would YOU like to see me sell there?  More postcards/$5 or less type stuff?  More prints?  More originals?  A booklet?  What do you enjoy seeing your artists sell?

    Let me know your thoughts and what you like to see when you go to events like this.  I can’t wait for APE but I have a lot of work ahead of me…

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