1. kristaferanka:

    okay guys.

    So due to the largely unpredictable nature of my schedule these next coming months leading up to these conventions, I’ve come to the conclusion to allow for all parties involved to be pleased with the product that I should start my commissions now so to have amble time to finish these…

    You know you wannit.

  2. Scarlet starlet. WIP

  3. This is taking forever.  WIP

  4. This is too much fun.  Got a kick out of this.

    (Source: mutantmagazine)

  5. She-Hulk #5 cover has been released!  So happy with this one.  Let me know what you guys think!

  6. Icons

  7. Carol Danvers



  8. 10th Doctor



  9. theartofanimation:

    kevin wada

    Ooo, they snagged some oooolllldddd pieces.

    (via senarebear)

  10. Helen Mirren, the 13th Doctor



  11. Chinese, Japanese