1. Punk Storm

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    Another Punk Storm for y’all.  It was a nice challenge to get to interpret Punk Storm twice, in my own way.  I look forward to many more opportunities to come, my lovelies.

  2. Emma Frost

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    Made for THEE kristaferanka.  Business glamor.  Business HBIC.  It’s 90s Chanel and Charlize Theron.  She don’t need nobody.


  3. kristaferanka:

    So guys

    here we are. A week away from SDCC.

    let’s see

    as with past SDCC’s, I will be at a booth with friends called SATELLITE SODA. It’ll be a bit tricky if you are looking for me in any listing, because my name will not be appearing anywhere, so just remember that name. Our booth number is…

    Guys, so guys.  You would really be a fool not to jump on this.  SATELLITE SODA.  Krissy will be there.  Remember that name.  Meet his mustachioed self and prostrate accordingly.

  4. Finally got my mitts on these boogers. Go snatch em’ up!

  5. She-Hulk #9

    The Good Old Days, Part 2

    Yes…part 2, and Issue #9.  WINK

  6. The Rocketeer

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    Mister Rocketeer was a blast to draw.  I don’t know much about him either, but I do remember that hunky movie version of him…

  7. Dakota North

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    I know nothing about Dakota, except that she is a model turned private investigator and that she ends up in Daredevil’s world for a bit.  I played up the model here, as you can probably tell.  She feels like one of those obscure characters with a devoted fanbase.  She reeks of 80s/90s fashion so hopefully this feels like a Vogue cover circa then.

  8. Egyptian Catwoman

  9. Friday is a slow day


  10. mtakara:

    hey hey

    I have a few days before I start working on the next Captain Marvel book.
    time to reopen my commission list.
    you have a few days to contact me.
    for more info: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

    I closed this list last year, and I have no idea when I’ll reopen it.
    and the idea is to add just a few to…

    You guys are fools if you sleep on this.  FOOLS.


  11. HeroesCon interview for Comicosity!  Thank you to the fabulous Jessica Boyd for a wonderful time :).