1. johnnylawgottagun said: You've talked before about how your art process is too time consuming to fit a monthly corporate book interiors schedule, but what about a creator owned book that you can make at your own pace? It would be a gorgeous book, whatever it is. I got to admit I'm some time bummed out picking up a cover with your art on it, checking the interiors to find they are completely different.

    I think that would be the route I would go if I ever were to do interior work.  Definitely been kicking around the idea of doing something with my mate, who’s a writer.  Would love to do something with him and really put in the TLC for the interior art.  We’ll see, time will tell :).


  2. capandthewintersoldier said: I know your faq says you don't attend a lot of cons, but is there any chance of you coming to ECCC?

    I will be showing with Jake Wyatt and Kris Anka and hopefully seated next to Babs Tarr :).  Get ready, Seattle.

  3. wicdiv:

    Now the issue’s out we can actually make some noise about the variant cover for issue 4 by the all-powerful god of fashion Sultriness, KEVIN WADA.

    (We didn’t, as the cover could be considered a spoiler. If you squint.)

    The cut off date for issue 4 is Monday, so if you talk to your shop before then, your shop should be able to secure it for you.

    The order code is: JUL148049.

    Eeehehee :D

    (via kierongillen)

  4. Edward Scissorhands Issue #2 Variant


    1. Anyone know if Shulkie cover #8 was ever released? I've only seen 9 and 10...
  5. She-Hulk #10

    The Good Old Days Conclusion

  6. Bow down

    A little Bey as Storm action I mentioned last night ;)


  7. rickisrude said: I just got some feedback for my first attempt at making a long form comic and it made me a little upset. A part of me thinks maybe they didn't read it, but more so, it makes me feel like I didn't draw it as well as I'm supposed to. I guess what i'm asking is how does someone at your level handle a feedback that puts you off? This is new territory for me and i'm bummed but I know it's important for leveling up.

    I think it’s different for everyone no matter what level you are. For me, I know I enjoy feedback that is thoughtful and engaged and done from a good place. But I also know I’m a very sensitive person. That sensitivity can either lead to hasty emotions or introspection and digestion of said critique. I suppose you just have to question whether or not you find this feedback valuable, in terms of the quality and or the source. Do you respect this person and think they have valid points? Or are they just saying “this blows” with no real input or effort? Ask your critic some questions so you don’t drive yourself crazy wondering what you’re not doing “right.” At the end of the day remember you can learn from any situation no matter how shitty it starts out. You’ll either end up upping your game from a good critique or hardening your skin from some hater criticism. ;)

  8. I think that makes total sense, and thank you for that!  I didn’t mean for it to come off as stereotyping an entire culture in any way.  My original comment was referring to the way Namor was drawn by a certain artist, and I should make it clear that I am partial to it because I appreciated the artist nudging Namor into a more clearly poc visualization.


  9. roundeddown said: Viggo as Magneto sounds like it would be perfect. I love your art! If you had to draw them, how would you recast other characters in pop culture, like Mad Max or Indiana Jones or Princess Leia? What would you change about their fashions?

    That Chris Pretty as Indy that’s been going around the webs has been pretty damn sweet.  Leia?  That’s a great one.  I have no clue.  That’s a lot of pressure to recast.  Omg I’m sweating.


  10. ellabreaux said: I just finished watching Hey Arnold! and started to do a personal Where Would They Be Now and I just kept thinking Harold would be a beautiful BEAR in the LGTBQ community. I was wondering what other 90s cartoon characters would be in that community?

    Oh dear.  Hmm.  Chuckie from Rugrats?  A beautiful, big, fiery orange bear.