1. Sleep Hollow #1 BOOM! Exclusive Cover

  2. Burn-Out, finish him. #veiledandvile


  3. wicdiv:


    Once again, we return. The penultimate issue of the arc where… oh, here’s the solicit.

    The mystery is solved. But does pop-god Lucifer like the answer? The answer is a word that rhymes with “Go”, “Blow” and “Pro”. If you think the answer rhymes with “Cow” I applaud you for…


  4. wonderinggawakess said: Hey, Kevin! I'm just confused about the Teen Titans variant (It's beautiful by the way), your post says it's issue 5 and on the DC website has the image on issue 5 as well, but in the information on the issue it says you're doing the variant for issue 3 and that someone else is doing it for issue 5. I was just wondering which it is, so I can make sure I can get the right one, thanks in advance.

    Someone else brought this up as well.  Looks like it may just be a website mix up on DC’s part.  I’m sure they’ll sort it all out in good time.  Thanks for writing it in!

  5. veiledandvile:

    The exclusive cover for Veiled and Vile #2, by the giftedly chic, Kevin Wada!

    The comic follows a group of female supervillains in their attempt to escape a super max prison and find the strength to face their personal demons.

    The first published 25 page issue can be bought HERE:

    Issue 2 featuring Kevin Wada’s spectacular cover will be released Oct. 11

    Veiled and Vile, Issue #2

  6. She-Hulk, Issue #11

  7. Teen Titans Issue #5 variant

  8. Austin Wizard World sketch.

  9. veiledandvile:

    Progress shots of the cover for Veiled an Vile #2 by the talented Kevin Wada. Featuring Burn-Out, Ember & Thunder. Brace yourselves for awesome, people.


  10. Process shot of Dr. Mirage

  11. babsdraws:


    Batgirl #37, cover


    You’d be a fool not to be excited for this.