1. veiledandvile:


    Here is a preview of costume sketches from Marvel cover artist Kevin Wada!

    He designed the full costumes for the ladies of Veiled and Vile and will be the featured cover artist for Issue 2!

    I’m unbelievably excited for his involvement and very grateful he took an interest. I think the caliber of his work pretty much speaks for itself but he really has been a big help.

    From right to left: Thunder, Salvo, Burn-Out, Ember, Perm-Madonna, and newcomer Goddamazon.

    Featured in pencil is Grendel.

    I’m up to no good.

  2. WIP

  3. She-Hulk #8

    The Good Old Days, Part 1

  4. mareepthesheep:

    Attempted a Spider-Woman redesign. Influenced by Kevin Wada. #spiderwoman #kevinwada #marvel

    I lurve when people do dis.

  5. kristaferanka:

    So i was challenged by my good buddy uncleclustersthirdbrain

    due to the drought in Cali, i opted to use ocean water for this

    please ALSA and donate if you can

    i hereby challenge jakewyattriot kevinwada & babsdraws

    Right on top of that, Rose.


  6. NYCC



    pre-show commissions for NYCC are now open.

    please email me at kristafer.anka@gmail.com for info


  7. uncannybrettwhite:

    Maybe people wouldn’t be so annoyed with Milo Manara’s “Spider-Woman” #1 variant cover if every series got overtly sexy variant covers—not just the ones with female leads.

    This is a world I want to live in.

    Dream assignment.  Please.

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  8. johnnylawgottagun said: You've talked before about how your art process is too time consuming to fit a monthly corporate book interiors schedule, but what about a creator owned book that you can make at your own pace? It would be a gorgeous book, whatever it is. I got to admit I'm some time bummed out picking up a cover with your art on it, checking the interiors to find they are completely different.

    I think that would be the route I would go if I ever were to do interior work.  Definitely been kicking around the idea of doing something with my mate, who’s a writer.  Would love to do something with him and really put in the TLC for the interior art.  We’ll see, time will tell :).


  9. capandthewintersoldier said: I know your faq says you don't attend a lot of cons, but is there any chance of you coming to ECCC?

    I will be showing with Jake Wyatt and Kris Anka and hopefully seated next to Babs Tarr :).  Get ready, Seattle.

  10. wicdiv:

    Now the issue’s out we can actually make some noise about the variant cover for issue 4 by the all-powerful god of fashion Sultriness, KEVIN WADA.

    (We didn’t, as the cover could be considered a spoiler. If you squint.)

    The cut off date for issue 4 is Monday, so if you talk to your shop before then, your shop should be able to secure it for you.

    The order code is: JUL148049.

    Eeehehee :D

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  11. Edward Scissorhands Issue #2 Variant