1. Shulkie cancelled. Let us commiserate together with my favorite thing ever: donuts. Cake donuts. Don't be coming in here with glaze, you hateful banshees.
  1. glassgears:


    The Pride#1 in print is back in stock!

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    So catch up, get any issues you’re missing, and grab the latest release from The Pride comics today at www.thepride.bigcartel.com 

    And of course, we still have tons of the limited prints by csmithart and kevinwada too!

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  2. Jubilee

    Wizard World Austin 2014 sketch

    Had to throw a shiba in there.

  3. kengjuan:

    Dazzle on Flickr.

    Kevin Wada
    Austin Comic Con

    Only shot of Donna from Austin Wizard World.  Sigh.  To the young lady who commissioned it, perhaps a scan?


    1. If I made a sketchbook of some sort that wasn't about superheroes, would any of you buy it?

  4. etenallotus said: Kris are you gonna make an art book? Because if you suddenly came out with five, I'd so buy them all twice.


    Hmm hmmmm hmmmmmmm


  5. Face shapes

  6. Wonder Woman

    Wizard World Austin 2014 sketch

    Redesign of sorts, but I should have pushed further.  Next time ;).

  7. Ursula

    Wizard World Austin 2014 sketch

    Fashionized sea witch for ya.

  8. uncannybrettwhite:


    Abbi & Ilana (“Broad City”) by Kris Anka & Kevin Wada, respectively

    I just had to get comic books’ own Abbi and Ilana, Kris and Kevin, to draw the “Broad City” duo. My first ever jam commission, and it worked out so well!

    (via cousinjenny)

  9. kristaferanka:


    I ship it so hard, like, you do not even know.

    One option that was missed in this: Wadanka

    There are too many good options now.  We’ll need to call in a focus group.