1. Joan Watson

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    I don’t watch Elementary, but I do j’adore Lucy Liu and after perusing pics of her as Joan Watson, this piece clicked into place.  Her style on that show is killer and I had fun adding a new outfit to the wardrobe.

  2. Fashion sketches for TOKYObay collaboration

  3. Fashion sketch for TOKYObayxKevinWada project

  4. Wonder Woman Flapper

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    We wanted to make sure that even as a flapper, WW had her signature physique.  It was an interesting challenge.  I definitely turned to Gucci ‘12 for inspiration.

  5. Kitty Pryde

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    Requirements were new costume and curly hair.  I tried my best.  She’s had some pretty fantastical duds and this one definitely falls on the more practical side of things.  But I at least had to try to do something better than her standard yellow/black one.

  6. Hela

    HeroesCon 2014 sketch

    I know not a thing about Hela, but once I did my research, I knew I wanted to take her even more supernatural looking.  The goddess of death needs to be fearsome in all manner of speaking.


    1. So who's gonna come visit me at Austin Wizard World Comic-Con?
    2. http: //www.wizardworld.com/kevinwada.html
  7. MCU Bucky, Sam, and Steve

    HeroesCon 20414 sketch

    Bucky’s grin is a bit uncanny, but I never promised amazing likenesses for these.  We went the fashion route for these three, and I didn’t have too much focus on making them terribly character appropriate - I just wanted them to look goooood.


  8. americachavez:


    so basically if kris anka was a canon comic character he’d basically be the edna mode of marvel’s 616 and all the heroes would come to him for costume designs and he’d be best friends with jan the end

    jan is the primary investor in wada and anka’s house…


  9. babsdraws:



    The new Batgirl design has been often credited to Cameron Stewart OR Babs Tarr but rarely to the both of them. The design process was in fact a collaboration with both artists contributing to the final design.

    Cameron: When DC first approached me about taking over Batgirl as…

    Check out how Cameron and I collab’d on Babs’ new look!!! 

  10. kristaferanka:

    Finally got around to scanning in the custom Storm piece i did for kevinwada. overall I’m pretty happy with this design that I made on the fly. this would be a lot more the route i’d go if i was ever allowed to design a new “main” costume for her, given that the one she is in now I originally only intended to be an x-force costume

    So, no bragging or anything, but this is mine.  From Krissy.

    (via artsyblackkid)